Affordable Web Analytics Services

Relevant and useful information to make business decisions

A webpage is your best advertising and online sales tool. You have to be clear how do you want to use it.

First you decide what you want to achieve with your page. Those are your objectives. Then, you configure Web Analytics to measure if they are being met.

You can also understand who are your visitors and your clients and what they want. Web Analytics let you know what they do when they arrive to your website.

Conversionants offers two different Web Analytics services:

  • Web Analytics Audit
  • Baseline Analysis

What is a Web Analytics Audit?

Conversionants study your webpage objectives and the tools you are using to measure their success.

The Web Analytics Audit identifies if you are using the right tools. If you are getting all the data you need.

The Web Analytics Audit detect if there are wrong data in your statistics. This information could lead you to incorrect analysis and conclusions. On that basis you could take inadequate actions for your business.

Baseline Analysis

This service study how well are measured the behaviors of your visitors and clients. To assure you your measuring tool are gathering information about:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Traffic attraction means
  • Popular content
  • Usability and navigation
  • Identify the areas that make you lose clients
  • Implement ideas to improve the performance of your webpage

 Benefits of the Web Analytics Service

The study of your Web Analytics service let you know what to change. Once they are made:

  • You will have reliable statistics of the arrival of user interested in your product
  • The sales process will be eased
  • New promotion possibilities will be explored
  • You will make data-driven business decision
  • Your uncertain will be reduced and you will understand better your clients
  • Your reaction to changes on your visits will be faster