Our Conversion Optimization Process

Conversion Rate Expert

How Conversionants Converts Visitors into Clients

    1. Website Review:
      • As visitors we review the websites design, content and usability.
      • Evaluate the elements that help or difficult the purchase
      • Suggest changes that need to be done

    1. Web Analytics:
      • We checks the health of your settings of your Google Analytics.
      • Look for any broken setting or if there are some “holes”
      • Review the objectives and the metrics
      • Set the accuracy of the measure and its reliability

    1. Research:We study the collection and gathering of qualitative data from multiple sources:
      • Surveys
      • Polls
      • Forms
      • User testing
      • Review of the interaction with client support

      As well as the collection and gathering of quantitative data from:

      • Heat maps
      • Mouse tracking
      • Eye tracking
      • Load errors
      • Google Analytics

    1. Hypothesis:
      • Stablish the objectives of the changes need to be done on the site on content, usability or design
      • Prioritize in a plan what to be changed
      • Plan what to be tested according the modifications
      • Set the percentage of increment of the desire outcome with the changes

    1. Testing:
      • Put in action the selected tests and changes for optimization
      • Check and adjust according the data gathered
      • Monitor the outcomes

  1. Evaluation, changes and re-evaluation
    • Study the outcomes
    • Analyze the modifications on the behavior of clients according the changes
    • Stablish the best and worst tools and changes
    • Create new changes for optimization
    • Re-evaluate and analyze the new outcomes