Optimized Web Design

Design based on information, not guesses

Conversionants uses the information gathered by the Web Analytics Service and the Conversion Rate Optimization to create an Optimized Web Design of your site.

The Optimized Web Design goal is to fulfill your site objectives. That is the reason we need information. The data analysis indicates which information to use to give value and reduce the friction.

The Optimized Web Design is not a finished product. There are ways to improve your website.

First we analyze your page and keep those sections that work. The ones that make you lose money are eliminated or changed. These improvements will be added according the insights from the data.

Why Optimized Web Design ?

The Optimized Web Design is way to conceive the functionability of your website. Our job is supported by the information gathered. Likes and preferences are subjective values that affect the performance and the data, because it can’t be measured.

A website development through Optimized Web Design works in parallel with optimization and measurent tools. That’s it in order to give an adequate purchase experience.

An Optimized Web Design is an analysis and a test. The client’s needs are varied and the information they produce changes. That’s why that data must be continuously studied. And the optimization process is always constant.

Benefits of the Optimized Web Design

The websites made through an Optimized Web Design :

  • Ease the understanding and usability of the client
  • Allows the inclusion of new sections or the elimination of ineffective ones
  • More secure and strong, to support great amount of traffic and transactions
  • Allows modifications to ease convert your visitors into clients