Conversion Rate Optimization

A process of constant analysis and tests to Convert your web visitors into clients

First of all, What is a Conversion?
A  Conversion is when a visitor does an action that you want them to do on your website. That action could be:

  • To fill a contact form
  • To purchase a product
  • To subscribe to a news feed
  • To download a PDF with information or a software (free or trial version)
  • To watch a video (promotional or informative)

Conversionants offers you a team of Conversion Rate experts. Our goal is to optimize and increase your conversions, as well as your revenue.

What Is the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process to increase the amount of website visitors that convert in to customers. Is the analysis of the variables and actions of your web visitors and clients. It follows and evaluates the objectives to make an improve plan of your website.

The improvement plan is based upon hypothesis. It directs the changes on specific elements of your site. It ease the clients experience and boost the achievement of the websites goal. This will attract more clients.

The data gathered proves or dismiss the hypothesis. Allowing to reshape the plan to optimize the outcomes.

The Conversion Funnel

The Conversion Funnel is how it’s represented the buying process. Many people arrive to your site, but many abandon it along the way. Just a few actually buy.

The objective of the Conversion Rate Optimization is to retain more people through the Conversion Funnel. To increase your revenue.

This is how Conversionants explains the Conversion Funnel:

conversion rate optimization funnel

  • Attraction: the visitors arrive to your site for the relevant content and following their needs
  • Interaction: the website content confirms the visitor that the query direct him to the right place
  • Conversion: the visitors are confident and do the action achieving the objective of your webpage
  • Fidelization: the clients comes back to purchase and to find relevant information. Also recommends other people to buy

Our Conversion Optimization Process

conversion rate optimization

  • Website Review: We review the websites design, content and usability.
  • Web Analytics: Health check. Is your Google Analytics set up correctly? Is your sales funnel accurate?
  • Research: Data collection and gathering from multiple sources, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Hypothesis: Making of a prioritized list with the proposed testing areas based on the data analysis.
  • Testing: Check and adjust the selected tests and changes. Monitor the results