About Us – Conversionants

Conversionants is an enterprise based in Costa Rica. We were born with the idea of optimizing the purchase process through digital means. We are convinced the data the clients produce on the websites of many enterprises need to receive better attention. The information can help to improve the webpages and attracts more clients and open sales fronts.

For us is very interesting the way people behave on the Internet. Especially when they are about to make a purchase. We love to analyze all the process behind a sale: the product advertising, the site finding, the purchase.

Conversionants will put your website on the purchase process of more people. We will measure and analyze your clients behaviors on your web. This insights will lead to changes that fulfill the best the desires and needs of your public to ease the purchase process on your site. We want to attract more people to you, and Convert them into customers.

Diego Varela

Founder & Conversion Optimization Specialist

Diego has been working on digital marketing for 6 years. He studied digital marketing in Ireland, and continues taking courses and attending seminars in the US related to conversion optimization. He’s in charge of the conversion optimization process and analytics for improving the website sales.

Adrián Solís

Content Specialist

Adrián studied Advertising and Psychology. Have worked producing a radio program. Also have been university professor in charge on of his own project of social action based on Mental Health and community. He has experience creating workshops on talent development for enterprises. Also have worked developing and user testing e-learnings.

Adrián likes to write, to teach and to eat. He is coffee-powered and would like to get lost in Istanbul.

Ricardo Ruiz

UX/UI Designer & Developer

Ricardo has been dedicated to web design and development for the past 4 years. Having studied Graphic and Advertising Design and moving early on his career to the digital area, he worked for one of Costa Rica’s oldest web development companies and for the biggest newspaper in the country on it’s digital area.

Ricardo is in charge of the A/B testing, landing pages, usability tests and user experience.